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IMMIGRATION ISSUES: Pakistani Working in the Philippines For A Month!

I got this email from a client:

I have a question. Is the visa for Pakistan the same visa as that the other visiting language interpreters (i.e. Mongolian, Taiwanese, Indonesian, Cambodian, and Thai) get? What work visa is needed for the four - weeks employment of the language interpreter? How to obtain and how much is the fees?

My reply.

A. Entry Visa to the Philippines

The entry visa required of Pakistani language interpreter coming to the Philippines is the same as the entry visa required of Taiwanese since both nationalities are classified as "restricted" nationals by the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA).

As such, the Pakistani language interpreter need to secure from the Philippine Consulate/Embassy in their country a 9 (a) business visa for travel to the Philippines. The 9(a) business visa is valid for 59 days.

It takes 10 working days for the 9(a) business visa to be secured by the Pakistani language interpreter from the Philippine Consulate/Embassy in P…