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PERSONAL PICK: 13 Things Each Local Counsel Should Know

Only recently, I stumbled upon this article of Bob Gans in Legal Times entitled “13 SIMPLE STEPS: WHAT IN-HOUSE LAWYERS WISH LAW FIRMS KNEW”! I think this is really interesting and captures in sum OGC’s expectation on all our Local Counsel.

13 Simple Steps: What In-House Lawyers Wish Law Firms Knew

Bob Gans
Legal Times
September 11, 2006

As we all know, law firms are constantly courting in-house counsel, in search of new business. Unfortunately for most of them, we in-house counsel usually have a favorite firm (or firms) with which we like to work. Thus, getting a foot in the door is not easy.That is why it is essential to succeed consistently once we’ve retained you. And by succeed, I don’t mean winning every case every time — although that would be nice for us both, right? But we do expect certain things from you in order to maintain a long and successful relationship. After all, we like to think of outside counsel as partners. As a member of the Washington Metropolitan Area Corporate C…