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NULLITY OF MARRIAGE: Lack of Marriage License Due To False Affidavit of Cohabitation

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Being A Location Independent Counsel: An Informational Interview and My Own Realization Of What I Am Currently Doing!

Come December 14, 2016, we would be celebrating our year mark exploring the United States(California, Washington, Utah, Nevada, Florida, Colorado, and Arizona) and South America (Brazil and Peru) together as a couple with short stint for me in the Philippines. It was our longest trip ever since our wedding day. Although we have been to Vietnam, Cambodia and Taiwan in 2014, and Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand in 2015, both years' travel took only a month during the first year and a couple of months on the second year. To a lot of people they consider me very lucky that I could take "vacation" that long, which clearly shows the lack of understanding about being a location independent counsel, which is actually "work"while traveling anywhere in the world!This post is possibly the closest I could get in explaining the concept, thanks to the pretty and brainy, Louell Jeanne Carman Lorzano, who is graduating as Summa Cum Laude at Brigham Young University - Hawaii wi…

NULLITY OF MARRIAGE: Lady B's Bigamous Subsequent Marriage


Lady B came to know of Guy A through a common friend. For several months of regular dating, the two became lovers. B married A in a civil wedding held on April 3, 1998. The union of and A begot them two children namely – V and S.

Unknown to B, A was at the time of their marriage is still very much united in a lawful wedlock with one whom A married in 1997. A knew that during his marriage to B that J is still alive. In one occasion, B saw A talking to J just outside their house in San Juan. When B confronted A about the incident, A intimated that he contracted a “secret marriage” with J but said marriage was not registered and thus not valid.
Regrettably, B later discovered the whole truth when A left her and her daughters.  The twin marriages of A with both B and were duly evidenced and supported by Certificates of Marriage, which is a matter of public record.

A’s deliberate disregard of the permanent and sacrosanct char…

NULLITY OF MARRIAGE: Y, the Passive - Agressive and P, the Anti - Social


Lady Y and Guy Pwere both in their late twenties when they metthrough a co-worker. There was instant attraction between them on their first date. Y found P to be a man of few words, quite reserved, seemed responsible, and intelligent. P was very sweet, always giving Y flowers and fetching her whenever she went. These qualities made it easy for Y to agree to be in a relationships with P shortly thereafter. 

For eight (8) months of dating, Y and P had a very mature relationship.They were very open to each other’s feelings and ideas and communicated well. Pdevoted most of his time to Y,and very seldom go out with friends unlike before they got engaged. Eventually,Y andP mutually decided to get married after a few months of preparation.

After the wedding, Y and P rented a small one-bedroom apartment owned by and located right behind Y’s parents’ home. Y didn’t like the idea of living close to her parents, but she agreed to this arrangement since P promised that they would…