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CORPORATE CHATS: Surveillance Cameras in Workplace - An Intrusion of Privacy?

I was recently asked about the legality in the Philippines of putting video surveillance cameras and setting up some “bait” in order to deter and/or learn the culprits of on-going thefts in the workplace. His question actually is anchored on the existence of privacy laws in the Philippines and if the setting up of surveillance cameras would be violative of said privacy laws, if there be any? Also,if an employee who committed theft in the workplace as seen in the surveillance cameras, could be dismissed?

I replied, in part, as follows:

Zones of privacy are recognized and protected under Philippine laws. The Civil Code provides that "[e]very person shall respect the dignity, personality, privacy and peace of mind of his neighbors and other persons" and punishes as actionable torts several acts for meddling and prying into the privacy of another. Xxx. Invasion of privacy is an offense in special laws like the Anti-Wiretapping Law.

Moreover, the right of privacy is recognized and e…


A certain Register of Deeds denied the registration of the Deed of Absolute Sale executed by a corporation sole on the ground that “Court Approval is necessary since the Vendor being a corporation sole pursuant to Section 113 of Batas Pambansa Blg. 68, the Corporation Code of the Philippines.”

Pursuant to Section 117 of Presidential Decree No. 1529, otherwise known as the Property Registration Decree, we elevate the matter to Land Registration Authority (LRA) by way of consulta.


Section 117 of the Property Registration Decree reads –

Section 117. Procedure. When the Register of Deeds is in doubt with regard to the proper step to be taken or memorandum to be made in pursuance of any deed, mortgage or other instrument presented to him for registration, or where any party in interest does not agree with the action taken by the Register of Deeds with reference to any such instrument, the question shall be submitted to the Commissioner of Land Registration by the Register of…