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MARRIAGE MATTER: Recording and Validity.

B, widow, was married by a Solemnizing Officer to S, a woman who was previously married to U but had been separated for many years.  S and U were married prior to 1988 and they have been separated for much longer than seven (7) years.  The wedding was performed in June 2012 but apparently the Solemnizing Officer was told it could not be recorded and was not legal because S, had been married before with no annulment. 
Issues: (1) Should the marriage be recorded?             (2) What are the Requirements for Late Registration of Marriage?            (3) Is the Marriage between B & S valid, considering that S was still married to U who abandoned her for more than seven (7) years?
Legal Advice:

(1) The marriage performed should be recorded. It shall be the duty of the solemnizing officer to report the marriage to the office of the Civil Registrar where the marriage was solemnized and the period of filing for registration depends on whether the Parties to the marriage has a marriage l…