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PERSONAL PICK: 50 Things About My OGC - Manila Stint

Come end of May this coming year, I am stepping out of Church employment. To many, it might come as a surprise. To me, however, it is expected and has been the plan (communicated to me shortly after my acceptance of the position to work in the Church Office of General Counsel (OGC) as its International Legal Manager assigned in Manila). Of course, I will not be completely detached or out of touch, because I will still be rendering legal services as an outside counsel, through my own law firm. But part of moving on and bidding adieu my three and a half (3 1/2) years with OGC, I am submitting this list of the “50 Things” that are unique and were learned only through my stint with OGC.

Personal Insights

1.My employment is not just a calling (coz I am compensated), but it is also not just a job. Only here that I make judgments according to the directions of the Spirit. (Elder David Bednar)

2.Caught the Vision:To be exceptional servant to the “Servants of the Lord” and align my work to the…

PERSONAL PICK: Going In-House!

The month of November marked as my fifth year of being an in-house lawyer, and third year in my current position as an international legal manager for the Office of General Counsel Asia of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Since I was then only in my late twenties, landing an in-house counsel job is considered to be a lucky streak in the sense most people use the word. As with other awards and commendations I received – among others, passing the Philippine Bar Examination in 1998, and consequently becoming one of the youngest female lawyers in the country, graduating as class valedictorian in the college of Law, cum laude in the University, and becoming a recipient of several awards and scholastic achievements since my elementary days, I remember family, friends and colleagues coming to me extending that heartfelt word of “congratulation” and a pat on the back saying I am either- intelligent, smart, hard working, diligent and lucky. Then, I don’t like to be called luck…

PERSONAL PICK: 13 Things Each Local Counsel Should Know

Only recently, I stumbled upon this article of Bob Gans in Legal Times entitled “13 SIMPLE STEPS: WHAT IN-HOUSE LAWYERS WISH LAW FIRMS KNEW”! I think this is really interesting and captures in sum OGC’s expectation on all our Local Counsel.

13 Simple Steps: What In-House Lawyers Wish Law Firms Knew

Bob Gans
Legal Times
September 11, 2006

As we all know, law firms are constantly courting in-house counsel, in search of new business. Unfortunately for most of them, we in-house counsel usually have a favorite firm (or firms) with which we like to work. Thus, getting a foot in the door is not easy.That is why it is essential to succeed consistently once we’ve retained you. And by succeed, I don’t mean winning every case every time — although that would be nice for us both, right? But we do expect certain things from you in order to maintain a long and successful relationship. After all, we like to think of outside counsel as partners. As a member of the Washington Metropolitan Area Corporate C…