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PERSONAL PICK: My Book On Securities Cited By Supreme Court In A 2006 Case

I got a request for legal advice on Facebook from a girl whom I do not know. She said in her email that she found my name through the internet search engine. I find it interesting and I became curious what I would find if I do search for my name. And curiosity killed the cat!

There were 72,200 matches for mary ann l.ojeda in (0.16 seconds). Lotza stuff huh! One thing that I find interesting was the citation by no less than the Supreme Court of my book "Securities and Regulation Code With Annotations" in a case entitled " ABACUS SECURITIES CORPORATION versus RUBEN U. AMPIL docketed as G.R. No. 160016 promulgated last February 27, 2006. The decision was penned by then Chief Justice Artemio V. Panganiban.

The Facts:

Petitioner - Abacus Securities Corporation ("Abacus') is engaged in business as a broker and dealer of securities of listed companies at the Philippine Stock Exchange Center.Sometime in April 1997, Respondent Ruben Ampil (1) opened a cash account …