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FAMILY FIX: Correction of Erroneous Gender/Sex on Birth Certificate

Today I had a walked - in - client who visited me at home. She is my first client to do so since I moved in our village almost 4 years ago. I don't really take on individual clients except for a few friends and those assigned to me by the J.Reuben Clark Law Society Philippines Chapter given the very busy corporate practice.

Anyway, the client is a very concerned mom, who is a mother of a 7-year old girl whose SEX/GENDER was erroneously entered as MALE in her Certificate of Live Birth. She is seeking to change said minor's sex / gender before she begins school and she has been looking for a lawyer for almost two months now until she met my sister-in-law Amy who suggested that she visits me.

I accepted the case.

The petition is pursuant to Article 412 of the Civil Code of the Philippines which was amended by Republic Act (R.A.) No. 9048 in so far as clerical or typographical errors are involved, to wit:

ART. 412. No entry in the civil register shall be changed or corrected wi…